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Internship | 2019

Neurosity created the first brain computer interface that changed the way we approach BCIs, because it's not an interface, it's a stand alone, thought powered device that allows your world to learn,



Neuroscientist in Residence:

- Signal processing (time-frequency domain)

- Device validation/signal quality 

- User Research

- UX Engineering

- API development and implementation: adapting quantitative literature to inform product development, and actually developing that product. 

It's a start up and we all pull double duty, so additionally:

- Copy writing (website, marketing and storyboarding)

- Website design 

- GTM Strategy 

Live demo of Notion (not captured: actor being mind blown when they actually get it to work). 

My time at Neurosity was hallmarked by two principles. Strong ethics, and integrity. Every time we show a Notion, it's live, so when we say "it works", you can see it for yourself. 

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