Solo Project

What would the world look like if we could speak to one another with language that was understood, not by the words we said, but by the depth of our beings


this is what it is to talk. 

Pinky is a critical commentary on Voice Assistants; the way they're designed, and how they interact. 


- RaspberryPi programming (Linux/raspbian)

- Laser cutting 

- What kerf was (oops) 

- Semantic construction 

- ML through TensorFlow 

- The importance of pilot holes (bigger oops)



- Laser cut box (plywood) 

- 3D printed, magnetic internal hinges

- RaspberryPi 3b+

- Neopixels (40)

- Servo motor

- Internal lever

- Speaker and external microphone 

- Google Cloud's Speech API 

- TensorFlow 

- 17 common languages 

- 1 constructive language 

- Personality 

© 2020 by Sophia Batchelor