© 2019 by Sophia Batchelor 


"What I cannot create, I do not understand" - Richard Feynman
But Sophia, aren't you a neuroscientist? Why are there not more brains? Why do you have "hardware" projects? What's all this VR stuff? None of these seem related! 
Yes, I'm aware. I'm a student, I do projects so that I can learn.
 I pick projects because I will learn something I have no previous knowledge about.
I picked these projects because they were awesomely hard and sitting with the problem space was so much fun.
What learning coding taught me, more than actually how to code, was that problems and errors are okay. They meant that you have to think your way around it; find the bug, fix the compiler error, and keep building. So enjoy reading the learning process - I promise I'm not nearly done ;)

Full project list and info coming soon ...